Friday, February 11, 2005


One of the more practical things I have learned by living away at college is how to kill a spider or this other ugly thing I’ve heard called a “silverfish”. As a child, I would see a spider in my bedroom or bathroom and scream like I was being attacked so that my father would come rushing upstairs to save me. He always did. He was and still is my hero. But since Daddy doesn’t live here in Bloomington, I have learned to fend and fend off for myself. Therefore, when I see a bug of any kind…even a knat, I can put it to its death. It’s hard, but I manage. I am woman, here me roar….For I am Tara…brave daughter of Mark, Famous Bug slayer of Cherry Hill.

Recently I saw a couple silverfish in my apartment. After I slapped them silly with a shoe, I called my landlord and they immediately came out and sprayed enough to almost kill their tenant. Anyway, things are good.


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