Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pageant Reform

When I was young and a true girly girl through and through, I entered a few beauty pageants (which is another blog day in itself). I loved to dress up, walk the runway, pose, sing for my talent, and like the adorable flirt that I was, charm the judges by my interview. One of the typical stupid pageant questions that judges ask little girls is “Who is your favorite cartoon character and why”. Well, now that I’ve grown up, I want to revise the question for myself….Who is your favorite TV character and why? Ok, here goes and remember always answer a pageant question by repeating the question. “My favorite TV character is Carrie, from Sex in the City. (Since this is a pageant, let’s clarify the TBS version of Sex in the City). Carrie is a strong, self-confident, working woman who writes an s-e-x (never say sex during a pageant) column for the New York Star. She is single, lives in New York City, and is well-known and recognized by her readers. She has a body to die for and the greatest shoe collection on earth. She has three wonderful girlfriends who stick by her, encourage her, seek her advice, laugh with her and listen. Carrie attracts perfect men! Who wouldn’t want the sweet Aidan (John Corbett), a romp (or shall we say a “pas de deux”) with Mikhail Baryshnikov, and finally the very sexy Chris Noth, Mr. Big. Carrie has what every woman wants…a successful career, great clothes, great shoes, maintains a perfect body, and in the end finds true love.


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