Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holly Golightly or Carrie Bradshaw ?

A friend of mine from college recently asked me if I was to describe myself was I more of a Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) or a Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & The City). It was like choosing between cake or ice cream!

Two years ago when I was grumbling about my life in Indiana, I could not wait to come back east to New York City; to work hard and establish myself within my corporate office as a fresh, young associate on her way up the ladder to corporate success. I was excited to be back in the land where brunettes are revered and where only “little” kids ride bicycles. There would be professional men all over the place. Think of it girls….men with careers! Every kind of attorney, medical doctor, investment banker, financial manager, real estate mogul…every kind of mogul! Happy hour near Wall Street would be 2…die…4! Yes, the boys of Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and the rest of the 9 million suits all work on this man-smelling, wallet-bulging little island called Manhattan.

Anyway, back to my comparison. Holly Golightly was intentionally out to find a wealthy man so she could have the Tiffany ring she always wanted but instead falls in love with a poor artist who cannot afford to give her anything but a ring from a Cracker Jack box. Yeah, makes for a nice story. A story that makes poor guys feel like they could win the girl in the end over a guy who could actually afford to feed Audrey Hepburn so she could gain a few much needed pounds. Notice there was never a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Part II. We all know sooner or later that poor artist’s ass would be out the door and Audrey Hepburn would “Golightly” into evaporated air.

Carrie Bradshaw, dated phenomenal men on Sex & the City. Ladies, we all know Carrie’s men were all too good to be true. Carrie won over the love of her life in the final episode when the highly successful Mr. Big finally commits himself to her once and for all...thank god…at least we can still turn to television to see a man do that remarkable feat.

I’m sorry I sound so cynical. This year I have concluded that basically all men, rich or poor are the same; a bit disappointing. However, Men do make great friends if you can keep it that way. Unfortunately, they have as many phobias and head problems as any woman I know. For instance, recently I dated a very cute, hot blooded Italian who admitted he was terribly insecure…What the heck is this world coming to? Since when are Italian men insecure?

In closing, yes, Carrie and Holly are both happy and with the loves of their lives. If I never find the love of my life, could I at least have the clothes and shoes in both Carrie’s and Holly’s closets? Ah, now this is true happiness.

P.S. To answer the question: Carrie Bradshaw! I, too, am a hard working, deadline-meeting, shoe-loving romantic that can hopefully drive a man crazy enough in the end that he’ll realize I was the best thing that ever happened to him; therefore, he flies to Paris to steal me out of the arms of Mikhail Baryshnikov – who would be my other boyfriend. Yeah, that’s me.


  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger Eve Alice Smith said…

    i love this! i'm writing my final year dissertation about sex and the city and breakfast at tiffanies and this is great! think i'm def a Holly though (prostitution aside!) :) xx


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