Monday, July 16, 2007

The Kiss Miss

My second date on was with a very nice guy who asked me to meet him for dinner. Let's just say, his emails were charming and polite; so much so that I agreed to accept a date with him. For our first date we went to a casual Mexican restaurant in town. Afterwards we walked around Hoboken holding hands and easily talked about the usual first date information. After a while I politely told him I better be going home. He asked if he could walk me to my door to say goodnight. Now, after the date with the European, I was wise. I would not let a man in my door on the first date. At my door, Bachelor #2 politely asked if he could call me again and I said "yes". Now, I was not particularly attracted to him. But he was nice so I figured I'd give it a go again to see if anything changes. Bachelor #2 was a computer guy and worked for IBM. He was short, Italian, and I'll be blunt, needed braces about 10 years ago. The following week, my roommate was away on business so one night when Bachelor #2 called and insisted he would like to see me, I hesitantly agreed and he came over to watch a movie. Now, I'm well aware what happens when you invite a guy into your place. Being prepared I determined whether it's safe by how much the guy weighs and whether I feel I could kick him in the groin if I had to protect myself. I felt I would be safe. Before inviting him over I had rented a movie earlier in the day. It was a chick flick thinking I would be spending the evening alone. My mistake. Unfortunately, he became so bored watching the movie that he decided to make his move and kiss me. Geez, why didn't I rent Rocky III or Scarface! Bachelor #2 was a horribly bad kisser. It was practically painful. However, he really liked kissing me and I thought I was going to be sick. While I was painfully getting through what I prayed to god would be the last kiss of the evening I concocted a fabulous excuse for him to leave. I said, "You really need to go because I have to get up extra early tomorrow to get ready and look good for my photo ID being taken at work". Oh my gosh, he bought it and I got him out the door and on his way.

Now, the worst part ever. He kept calling me to ask me out again. After taking a census of my female friends it was recommended for me to resort to one thing only….tell a big fat lie. So I did. I told Bachelor #2 that I had just begun dating someone from my office…a guy in the Finance Department. I figured at my all female and gay-male fashion company there had to be at least one straight male in our Finance Department. Bachelor #2's response…"Well, you know, it's really not a good idea to date someone from your company". Ugh!!! I felt so guilty….But it was over. Well, I thought it was over. About two months later Bachelor #2 contacted me again because he noticed my profile was still active. He wrote me and said that he would love to hear from me if I was available to go out with him again. I never responded.

You probably think I'm a horrible person. Yes, Bachelor #2 was a nice guy but I wasn't attracted to him. Plus, the kiss style was something I could never endure. The reality of it is when you're paying for a dating service, why waste your time if you know it's just not there. After Bachelor #2 I became totally turned off by Match. I realized I wanted my dating life to happen more naturally. However, I was then contacted by Bachelor #3….


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