Monday, July 09, 2007 "It's Ok to Look" or should it be "Look, but Don't Touch"

Being single and new to the New York/Northern New Jersey area last Fall, and having just graduated from college, I was anxious to meet new people and create a viable social life for myself. At first, I felt contacting old high school friends living back home in the Northeast was too awkward since I had regretfully neglected many of them while spending the last four years at college in Indiana.

I was adventurous, on my own, grown up and ready to meet a successful and ambitious J. Pierpont Finch that would someday believe me to be his Rosemary.
I quickly learned from the girls I worked with that New York/North New Jersey is a tough place to meet a Mr. Nice Guy. Guys just out of college are still acting like they are in college but manage to get up and go to work in Manhattan everyday. The difference between college and the real world is that in the real world you can’t roll over, turn off the alarm, sleep in and cut work. Anyway, I decided I would take a chance and join for 3 months to see if I could meet a nice guy with similar interests. Who knows, right? Besides, being taken to dinner by a man is a nice way to save on spending when you’re rent is as high as mine.
I joined. Even though I am one of the younger ladies listed on match, I am extremely particular about who I go out with. Pictures are not always good indicators plus you can never be sure if the person in the picture is actually the person you meet or whether their profile is accurate. Then again, maybe there are men who (as their profiles say) are sick of the bar scene and want to meet a nice girl.

I was skeptical and at first suspicious. But, here I am spending money on this service so I figured I better accept a date with someone.

I began looking at profiles of men 24 – 32 with my usual requirements of height, employment, religion, ethnicity, etc. My first meeting was for a drink at a local bar/restaurant in Hoboken.

To Be Continued...


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