Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mr. Big

Well, I saw Mr. Big yesterday getting on the train….Oh, I never wrote about Mr. Big? Well, Mr. Big is a very sexy Italian Stallion of a man who lives in Hoboken. Yep, if you saw him you would immediately do that impersonation of Rocky Balboa that you’ve been dying to try out. Trust me, the few times my mom has visited me and caught a glimpse of Mr. Big, she immediately puts on her best Rocky voice, “Cut me Mick” or her personal favorite, “Yo Adrian”.

All kidding aside, Mr. Big is a big time NYC broker. He comes into my spa for massages every once in awhile and I flirt with him like….well it’s quite ridiculous how much flirting goes on! Big is about 6’2”, dark curly hair (my weakness) and well, he’s just so put together! I call him Mr. Big….because he is my “Mr. Big”. Big is 30, lives alone (because he too can’t live with anyone) and used to play semi-pro football. He’s just very very sexy to me. I’ve said things to him while sitting behind that spa desk that I have never said to a man before! Like “You sure look good to me!” or “Don’t cut your hair…Curly hair is so sexy on a man!” (Actually maybe I have told a few men that before). Anyway, there have been a couple of conversations where Big will say, “So what are you doing tonight?” But for some reason I always have something going on. However, one night he was the last appointment (thank you Tara for booking that intentionally). After he was through with his massage, and I did my usual “fall all over him”, he left the spa but dwindled outside on his cell phone (ya know, making big deals) and then began walking very slowly down the street. I closed up the spa and began walking home…towards Big. He ended his phone call and turned to me and said, “Are you following me?” I just laughed and said, “No, this is the way I go home” (I wanted to say….to the ends of the earth!) Anyway, we talked and laughed for a few blocks. As we walked on Washington, he told me he was having dinner and then a smoke in the cigar bar. We said our goodbyes and he went towards the restaurant, opening the door he turned…stopped to look at me, smiled again, and then went in…That was it. Ok, so why didn’t he ask me to dinner? He was hungry…I was hungry…Maybe he wanted me to initiate something…maybe he was afraid of being rejected by a younger woman…I don’t know. Maybe Mr. Big doesn’t have the confidence with women that he does with his business dealings. Or maybe he is seeing someone and I am just his ego booster.

I haven’t seen Big for awhile...until yesterday…I saw him going through the turnstile and getting on the 1st car of the Path. Like I said before, the man is so put together. For some reason, I avoided getting on that 1st car too. Instead I got on the 2nd car. Guess he’ll just always remain my reach…my Mr. Big!


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