Thursday, November 01, 2007

In with the Old, Out with the Young?

Why is it that I find myself getting hit on by older gentlemen in Hoboken and not the younger fellows? Where are the bright young men of Hobo? You know between the ages of 24 and say…30? The Older men (between 33 and 40) for some reason approach me. They are friendly, confident…even bold. I’m amused, but then I think, is this my destiny?…To date and fall in love with a man maybe 10 years old than me? A man who when he lifts our first child together, complains about his bad back? A man with a prescription for Viagra that comes with unlimited refills. A man with bad knees and a bad case of the G.E.R.D!

Maybe an older man is part of my destiny. Maybe I should accept the fact that older men know how to treat a lady…know how to order a good bottle of wine…know how to dance to a big band…and know how to open a car door. Ok so the kids and I will push him around Disney World in a wheel chair…so we’ll move up to the front of the wheelchair and handicap gate and avoid waiting in long lines…that’s cool.

A girlfriend and I recently went to a bar in Hoboken on a Saturday night.

We were there to have a drink and watch her alma mater, the University of Virginia football game…hey, a great way to meet guys…young guys! WRONG! No one even approached us… The guys that were there didn’t even budge to come up and say hello. On the way out, I walked passed a young guy who hardly turned his head but did get the slight nerve and sober energy to say “bye ladies”. Ugh! And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a brief portrait of the wildly gifted charm imparted America’s Best – our Young and Upcoming World Financial Business Leaders of Tomorrow.

Go ahead laugh! Actually this probably makes some of you quite angry…My brother says, “Guys don’t always approach girls, because they too fear rejection.” Well then how will they ever be successful on Wall Street with a fear for taking risks? How could they call themselves stock traders or sales executives if they fear being turned away? Younger men here are extremely career driven…Women are thought of as an extra stress, a hassle, a restriction on their very few minutes of downtime…a time to be with their boys…Then I found this ad in the local website:

“Attention guys in the New York/New Jersey Area! A new club is forming for young guys wanting to make some new friends under the sun! Please pass this on!

Nude Jersey Boyz is a group that includes all shapes and sizes. Come as you are: gay/bi/straight. We will have weekly get togethers at the Nude Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook (Atlantic Highlands). We will have carpools to get down there, as well as drinks and theme days. You do NOT have to go nude!”

Ok so THIS is where all the spirited, outgoing guys are going? Great!


  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Corey said…

    First let me say I'm a 42 year old man and new to dating. True as I read your Blog, I really didn't find it a big deal to approach women, and most were roughly 10 years my junior on average. What I also found was that roughly half would approach me first. I can sympathize with your plight about younger guys, but get over it. Just because you're a woman does not entitle you to just sit at the bar and have men flock to you. The vagina, once a mighty and powerful thing, has been slowly devalued over the years. It's a new age, get use to it. If you want a man, go get him and quit crying in your beer that your not getting the same attention your grandmother recieved when she a young woman. And yes, to the smart young men, women are bothersome, I actually taught this to both of my sons...stay the hell away from them, don't get married until your 40 and don't commit your resources to a woman who doesn't have a job or a brain in her head, the rest are just play things and should be treated as such. I taught them to make a woman earn you, not the other way around. SO if you want to blame anyone, you blame all the fathers out there just like me, who taught their sons about our experiences with marriage and divorce and who also know just how much of a pain in the ass a woman can be.


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