Friday, February 25, 2005

Loving Laundry Day

One of the most dreaded rituals of every college student is doing laundry. During freshman year, my laundry room was in the basement of Forest Dorm. The laundry room was shared by about 500 students. So, basically I had to carry my laundry basket full of thongs and bras down a full elevator ride of 5 floors to the dingy basement where usually there were at least a few others doing the same dreaded ritual.

Sophomore year I moved to an apartment off campus. The laundry room was shared with my roommates and a few other apartment dwellers and is just a quick walk downstairs to our building's basement. Our one dryer we shared never blew hot air so basically our clothes were always still wet as we returned to the apartment. Maintenance could never fix the problem.

This year I moved to another apartment. However, this complex has no laundry. So, I carry my basket of thongs and bras in my car down the street to the local Laundromat. Do you ever feel embarrassed about transferring your underwear from washer to dryer and dryer to basket? I hate it. Especially when some old guy is in there too hoping you take a peek at his X-large boxer shorts. Then there are the times when you are doing laundry alongside some good-looking college guy, and suddenly you find you’re moving in slow motion removing each thong and bra from the dryer to the basket.

My Laundromat has an adequate number of washers and dryers but the décor is typical…bare, drab looking walls with, of course, no attempt at attractive décor at all. But the washers and dryers work. Still, the surroundings make for a depressing chore. Usually I bring reading, usually the current month's issue of Vogue and/or homework with me as I sit there minding my own business and do the long “wait”.

I know exactly what I would do if I owned a Laundromat. My ideas would increase sales dramatically and could actually make the place one of the hottest spots off campus. First of all, I would change the décor. I would paint with bright colors, not obnoxious ones, but definitely inviting warm shades. I would create a “like home” feel by adding framed pictures that coordinate with the wall colors. Since IU has an amazing Art Museum on campus, I would either choose framed poster artwork by Picasso or Monet. Better yet I would contact a few of IU’s outstanding Art Students to create a unique painting to go with the rest of the place. And I’d definitely get rid of that awful fluorescent lighting. Music? Ah yes…we would have taped music and different styles of music. For instance, Monday night from 7-11 pm is for Broadway Night. Some of the best of Broadway past and present would play. Tuesday is Jazz night – everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Harry Connick, Jr. Wednesday - Country Music Night, only not the old country but the more upbeat stuff…Clint Black, Shania Twain, or Lee Ann Rimes. (I couldn’t stomach much else). Thursday – Classical, yep, I’d call it “Mozart at the Mat”. Friday, well, that's easy…"Friday's with Frank", which means Sinatra all day and night. Saturday, would be either Karaoke Night or Dance Party Night. They could switch off. Winners of Karaoke or dance contests would either receive “free dry” or “free wash” coupons. Sunday is especially for Singles. We’ll call it, “Gentle Cycle Dating”. As the dryer turns, get to chat with other singles to see if you can really find love at the Laundromat. (Wine and cheese provided at an additional cost.)

Wouldn’t it be great to love laundry day.


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    that's a great should start your own business...really!


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