Thursday, September 29, 2005

This or That

We make decisions every day. Some as simple as “should I wear my hair up or down?” or the more complicated decision, “Should I walk to Starbucks on Indiana or drive to Starbucks on East Third?” “Should I study now or after I go to the gym?” Everyday “this or that” decisions make up most of our four years of college life. Life is good, fairly uncomplicated. Yet in those four years there is still that big looming decision that lies peaceful and still until Year Four. Then it raises its ugly head...What am I going to do after graduation? Where do I want to go? The good news is I don’t have to think about anyone else in my life so that does make the decision far less difficult. I’m leaving Indiana with a feeling of “job well done Tara, now get me the heck out of here”. The only company in Indiana that I would even consider working for is Eli Lilly. Lilly offers relocation to dozens of other cities all over the world. That’s amazing! Lilly would be an awesome company to work for as a sales rep. I think I’d be highly successful selling large stocks of Cialis to a group of middle-aged physicians! I could work that!

Other options would be working with retail or apparel companies. Here is where my creative side would play a part. Gap, Macy’s, and Saks come to IU to interview its graduating seniors. I like many of these companies headquarter locations so I’m pretty excited about pursuing them all. New York is still my first choice location. It’s where I’ve always wanted to work…where I’ve always imagined myself, at least where I would start. Am I afraid? No, never, not in New York. New York exudes a sense of excitement unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s a melting pot of all of the world’s people. There are friends from back home and even IU who are currently living there now. I can’t wait to see them again.

Anyway, as I begin attending career fairs, going on interviews, and making next-step decisions about my life, whether it be pitching the use of Cialis for your erectile dysfunction, Strattera for your hyper-active ADHD kids who are out of control, and Prozac– to make everyone a little happier in life, OR whether I’m promoting clothing lines, working in the product development field of beauty products, or a Buyer for a top line designer, I think the little decisions I’ve made on my own each day, plus the IU experience as a whole, has given me the confidence to realize who I am, what I am capable of, and that the world is truly at my fingertips. As Franky so smoothly sings, “I’ve got the world on a string”.


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