Thursday, June 16, 2005


I use to be able to run outside my house during a sunny day in June to get the mail at the end of our driveway, and return inside with a tan. By August every year, my baby-like skin would have a beautiful deep natural tan and my brown hair would naturally turn a very light brown with glistening blonde highlights all over thanks to the sun.

Yesterday I went sunbathing at my friend Weronika’s house and after only a couple hours came back with a sunburned stomach, which felt like I’d started a fire! I also forgot to flip sides evenly, and like an egg cooked over easy, my back remains white. I use to have the tanning process down to a science. Looks like I’m going to have to not only buy aloe gel today, but I’m going to have to retrieve the sunscreen for next time. What on earth is happening to me? What, am I fading like Michael Jackson? Am I going to have to put up an umbrella when I get out of my limo….I mean my ’99 Corolla? Is sunburn part of a curse that begins at age 21? I’ve waited forever (well, 21 years to be exact) to turn 21 and now I’m being cursed with…sunburn? Maybe turning 21 means it’s time to become acclimated to darkness. After all, bars are dark inside. Umbrellas surround the outdoor tiki bars in order to keep 21 year olds out of the sun. Sun screens go up to numbers like what…48? Now that I think about it what did Elton John mean when he sang Don’t let the sun go down on me? Was he worried that he’d fall asleep on the beach and turn lobster red? Hmmm.


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