Tuesday, May 24, 2005

RunningNheels (literally)

The reason I named my blog, “RunningNHeels” is two fold. Well, maybe three fold. Not only do I love running (see SRSC February 15 blog) and I love wearing high heels, I think the name describes well my personality and my unyielding race to be on time. Although never considered a slacker, I have for most of my life been late. I know…this is a bad habit. I live down to the wire, on the edge and near the brink. Although I consider myself a very organized person, my lateness has forever been a problem.
Living with me back home was a nightmare…I took at least two hours to get ready for anything and then I’d still be late! Even a shopping day with mom couldn’t possibly begin before noon. Getting me ready on vacation was…well let’s say I growled a lot. My brother whom I shared bathroom space with, never really complained about me unless we were going out somewhere together. Actually, Adam was the only person who could get me to “push it”. My freshman year in high school (his senior) he used to drive me to school and all it would take was for his firm command of “Tara, let’s go” and I would be following him out the door. Sure, maybe I’d finish applying my mascara and blush on in the car, but I’d be on time. My junior year, after Adam went to college I relied on my mom driving me to school every day. With my lateness and her phenomenal Mario Andretti driving techniques, I would manage to arrive on time; however, my poor mother would start each day at her job frazzled from the dodging and weaving up Route 70 to get me to school on time. It’s a miracle she didn’t have a stroke! Senior year, I drove myself. Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I'm Mario Jr.
RunningNheels also describes my “girly girl” athleticism. Ok, so I’ve never been considered a jock, but I bet I could out run anyone wearing 4-inch heels in a 100 meter sprint! Jackie Joyner-Kersee, bite my dust!
This week I actually caught myself literally “running in heels”. With only a 45 minute lunch break I had to grab lunch and then make a quick stop at the dry cleaners. I ran in the parking lot like I was in a relay rally! I sprinted from my car to the cleaners, then from the cleaners to my car. All so that I could return to work as on time as possible. And I made it on time…I think they actually waved a black and white checkered flag at my return!
“RunningNheels” also describes my future career aspirations. You know, professional, working female, out to get ahead in the corporate world. Running in heels describes my dreams to not only be on time for corporate meetings, but to lead corporate meetings. Yes, time is money and running makes a winner and if you step on my shoe, I won’t cry. Just watch out for the spike! (teehee).


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