Saturday, June 25, 2005


The most dreaded phone call you can receive while you’re away at college is when your parents call you to tell you that one of your grandparents was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance for chest pains. This past week my grandmother (Grand-Dot) was rushed to the hospital for just that. Growing up with a mom who worked full time, it was Grand-Dot who practically raised both my brother and me. Being half way across the country during a crisis like this is very difficult. The need to talk to her and be there for her is immense. Known as “Grand and Pop’s girl” I’ve always been told my need for routine was primarily due to Grand-Dot. For instance, at Grand-Dot's it was Grocery Store shopping on Mondays and Thursdays, Tuesdays were laundry days, Wednesday and Friday were Pop’s golf days. Monday was egg breakfast, Tuesday was cereal, Wednesday was Pop-tarts, etc. etc. (You get the picture). The funny thing is…I’ve grown to be much the same way except most days I have cereal (measured out in a cup) with a piece of fruit. I keep a remarkably explicit work-out schedule routine that would make Grand-Dot proud. I grocery shop Sunday nights and do laundry on Fridays. I always loved my Grandparents routines and though some call it anal, I love the rhythm of it. You don’t want to know about the written journal I kept in high school keeping track of what I wore to school each day.

My grandmother’s condition is now stable. However, she did have a mild heart attack. It was determined that she might have blockages. Despite the heart attack, my mom told me the first thing Grand-Dot said to my mother when the doctor walked in to check on her again was, “See, I told you he was good looking.” Then she asked the handsome young doctor, “Are you married? We’re always looking for a nice young man for my granddaughter.” Thanks Grand, for thinking of me! She’s a riot.

Update: As of Wednesday night, Grand-Dot had quadruple by-pass surgery. She is slowly recovering. Before her surgery, the surgeon assured her that he would be giving her “all new pipes”. Grand-Dot’s response, “Does this mean I’ll be a good singer?” Get well soon Grand! I love you! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.


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