Sunday, November 20, 2005


A male customer said to me last Friday, “You should have a ring on that finger.” (Is this the oldest pick up line in the book or what?) I laughed and said, “no, I’m only 21…I’m too young for that.” Then I thought, hey, my parents were married at my age! What am I saying? After I proceeded to write down his balance on a piece of paper, he added, “You can add your phone number if you’d like”. I just smiled. I’m not giving this guy my phone number. Since I didn’t comply with his suggestion, he smiled and said, “I’ll try again next week”. Grrrreeeeaaat! The whole incident made me ponder. Why don’t I have a ring on my finger? Will I ever have a ring on my finger? I swore last year purchasing a right hand diamond ring was going to be my first big investment after graduation. A Tiffany diamond bought for myself by myself. Who needs a man, right? Yeah…me…ok mom. Is there something terribly wrong with me? Is there really just ONE man out there for me and HE has to find ME? He’ll never find me….I’m stuck here in this god-forsaken all-goopy-Oreo-middle of the United States of America! What am I doing HERE? When he is most definitely not HERE!!! What if the man of my dreams is living in Brooklyn or something. He might never find me. I’ll probably be across the river in Hoboken and he’ll be in Brooklyn and our subway lines will never be the same. And there goes my happiness…there goes THE ONE. Now I’m really depressed. Ok, so I’ll check out apartments in Brooklyn. I’ll take alternate subway lines. Hopefully, he’ll find me someday. It’s funny, my grandmother tells me she always prays I’ll meet a nice young Christian man. Young Christian men don’t date here, Grand, so don’t waste your prayers on that. I’ve never dated a Christian in my life…They don’t like me. I date Jews, agnostics and atheists…what can I say? No, I shouldn’t say that. I dated one Christian and he really liked me. But, I ended it since he was back home and I was here. Eh, whatever. Now that I’m 21, I’ve become even more selective than I use to be. Announcement: I will now date to find a future mate. Ok, so once in a while I’ll date for a free dinner, but I’m not bringing home anyone who isn’t worthy of my wonderfulness. (tee hee!) The old saying goes, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince” Just tell me, who on earth came up with that stupid rule?


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