Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kudos to UITS

The unsung heroes at Indiana University are by far, the group of helpful students that work the helpdesk at UITS. UITS stands for University Information Technology Services. Every time I freak-out about my computer, I know I can call the UITS 24 hour support hotline and they are always there with kindness to patiently walk me through my computer problems. They’ve destroyed viruses, reconnected me to friends and family, helped me retrieve important emails from professors, and guided me in downloading essential programs to make my computer run faster than a speeding bullet. The UITS hotline is the greatest offering that IU provides for its students. I sing their praises continually but felt the need to blog the praise. I don’t know any of the UITS people personally. In fact, I don’t know any computer specialists personally, that’s why it’s so great to have the hotline for students. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over and if this is the only time you get a special thank you, then shame on the students of IU.


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