Monday, March 03, 2008

Nice Leagues!

A female co-worker recently recommended to me that the way to meet a nice single man in New York City is to join a Social Sports League. So, I've decided to have my head bashed in every Wednesday night while playing Co-ed Dodgeball in Soho. This should be interesting. Although I have never considered myself an athletic superstar, girl-jock, I am strong and can probably hold my own on a co-ed team. Imagine this, I approach the center line and heave a ball as hard as I can at some single guy on the other side in hopes that he finds me attractive and wants to buy me a drink later. How romantic! Anyway, this is the new way to get a "date" in New York…so I'll try it. Why not - How bad can it be?….What's a few jammed fingers and a broken nose when it comes to a shot at love.


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