Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kiss Me Damn It!

I’m in my third year at IU, and do you know according to Indiana University tradition I am still not considered a co-ed. According to tradition a female student is not officially a co-ed until she has been kissed beneath the dome of the Rose Well House at midnight. The Rose Well House is an open-air pavilion in the heart of campus. It covers the original well for campus and was a gift from Theodore F. Rose in 1908. I remember during my first IU tour the student guide told our group all about this tradition as we walked by the Rose Well House. Being 18 I immediately thought it was so cute. Time and again I would think about it but then I would forget. I know you might think this is stupid or shallow, but I would really like to take part in this IU tradition. I want to graduate from this school next year feeling confident that I was at one time a freaking Hoosier co-ed! So, what should I do? I don’t chase boys and I feel funny asking a friend, but then again I don’t want to ask a stranger. Maybe I should have a t-shirt made that says, “Kiss me, I want to be a co-ed – midnight at the Rose Well House” No, that’s dumb. What about placing an ad in the IDS news? No, too desperate. I could get a friend to mention it to another friend who might be willing to accept the ceremonial tradition task. Or I could wait at the Rose Well House around midnight with Alexis (who will probably bring her camera) and we could grab and force someone walking by to kiss me…No, I really want a “Kisser by appointment only”. Hmmm. Wouldn’t you know with all the studying I have to do for finals right now, this is what I am thinking about? Maybe it’s just the beautiful weather outside and that spring is in the air, maybe I’ve become so assignment oriented that this is just one more thing I pressure myself to complete, or maybe I just sincerely need a really good kiss right now. (sigh!)


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