Sunday, May 15, 2005

Yeah Yeah Yeah

One of the best things about getting a college degree from IU is that the classes offered here can sometimes be more fun than highly educational or valuable for future success. For instance, there are classes offered such as Billiards, Ballroom Dancing, IU Traditions, Lyrics and Popular Songs, etc. These “GPA boosters” are sometimes necessary to complete your degree. This summer, I am taking one of those classes for credit. I am taking Z401 Music of the Beatles. Yep, I’m increasing my knowledge of my favorite band the Fab 4! Since my parents were huge Beatles fans and can both recall watching intently to that famous Ed Sullivan Show when the Beatles sang in America publicly for the first time, I have for years been highly cultivated in Beatles music. I know the words and can sing just about every song from She Loves You to The Long and Winding Road. I know Wings music and John Lennon’s solo work as well. I’ve listened to my parents telling me the impact and their early memories of hearing them on their little handheld transistor radios and how everyone from 6 years old through teens were transformed by the 4 young men from Liverpool. My mom's cousin went to see the Beatles movie, “A Hard Days Night” 10 times just to see Paul McCartney wink.
So far, class is awesome! I look forward to every class. We’re learning about their early lives right now, and about the small clubs they played in together in both England and Germany. Of course, my professor is a big Beatles fan and you can tell he is quite passionate about teaching this class. My friend, Brian, burned his complete Beatles collection for me, which will really help since most of the tests will be naming the song, who sang it, the album, and the year. Is this great or what? Thanks again, Brian!! This sure beats having a used textbook at the end of class!!! Now I’ll forever have a great collection of music!
I wish my brother Adam was here taking this class with me. He loves the Beatles and has enough Beatles knowledge to ace the class even if he only showed up for test days. Maybe I can apply this class to my own life and make it an extremely worthwhile learning experience. The Beatles can teach us that enormous successes can unexpectedly come our way when we cultivate our talents and creativity, be driven to “make it” in the business we love, find the right manager to promote us, and most important, market ourselves with a great haircut!


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