Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mr. Boston

Well, well, well, Mr. Boston is in New York City on business this week and wants to take me to dinner. Too bad he’ll be eating alone. After three or four drunk dials and a text message invitation to dinner, I’ve lost interest in having a candlelight meal and expensive bottle of wine with him. He’s not a bad guy…just another immature male who refuses to grow up and realize he’s not in college anymore. He’s lonely…so am I. But fellas, drunk dialing is not….well, not a very romantic way to get a lady’s attention, ok? Mr. Boston is actually a nice guy…and things might have been different if he lived down the street from me. He just needs some work – female influences. Oh, yeah…he’s a fix me up for sure, but he has the potential to be quite the “flip” (excuse the HGTV expression!). People that meet him cannot understand why he’s single. But then, they say the same about me. In his heart, he wants a girlfriend, but he’s absolutely terrified at the thought of it. Mr. Boston and I do, however, have some things in common. But he’s too far away and truthfully, what’s the point. He wants female companionship when it’s convenient for him. I’m not interested in that kind of scenario. You know, like the sailor who comes to port. Men think it’s safe. Guess what, no deal! He’s admitted to me that he’s extremely insecure, and maybe when he drinks he gets the nerve to call me. I don’t know.

So, rather than accepting the dinner invitation with Mr. Boston, tonight I’ll grab a quick dinner at home and then go to the gym for my workout. Ah, yes! I’m finally starting to like what I see in the mirror! It’s about time I learn to really love and understand who I am before I go to the next step in learning to understand and love someone else.


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