Thursday, March 24, 2005

It Might As Well Be Spring

Back home, outside my bedroom window, always this time of year, little birds wake me up in the morning with their gentle chirping sounds happy and excited that spring is here and in the air. It’s sweet even though it does wake me up when I so long to sleep in. Here, in Bloomington, I wake up every morning to hammers, jackhammers, crane wielding balls and electric drills. Ahh…spring! Will they ever finish that building? They’ve been there since I moved here in August. Now they work every day…even on Sundays, which is my only sleep in day. I just want one day…one day of sleep! Please somebody give those poor Mexican workers one day off please! POR FAVOR!!!! For Pete Sake!

Spring is great for running. Now that I’m up to 5 miles of running (note February 15 blog called SRSC) per session, springtime is great to move your SRSC treadmill workout outdoors. The air is fresh, the trees are budding, the flowers are sprouting, it’s amazing! The one thing I absolutely love about IU is our beautiful campus. Thank you God that I’m not at some ugly campus like Rutgers or Rowan. Eek! I love Jersey, but the Campus choices are awful (sorry Princeton…but you suck). Anyway, get ready, Hoosiers, IU is about to be transformed and will be beautiful. Spring is here! I’m so excited!


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