Tuesday, March 15, 2005

National Threat to Airport Security...duh hello?

During one of my recent escapes home to Philadelphia, I was mistaken as a Terrorist at the Indianapolis airport. Now, I agree I am quite unusual looking to the general Indiana population – I mean being a brunette and all. But do I look like a terrorist? I am not of Middle Eastern descent. I wear cute hats and stylish clothes, not kitchen towels or black scarves over my head and face (Although some times when I’m experiencing a bad skin break out I wish I could wear one over my face). Anyway, I always come walking up to airport security with a big friendly smile on my face, ready to say “hello” to everyone and I am usually chewing gum. (Three obvious signs I am not a terrorist). Now does that sound like someone who would be a threat to airport security? Anyway, when my carryon went through the inspection machine, the security guards jumped on my bag like I was smuggling alcohol into my high school choir trip (Long story, don’t ask). Here they found via their hi-tech screening my tiny eyebrow shaping scissors, which I keep in the bottom of my makeup bag. They are my very favorite pair since I spent an exorbitant $15 for them at Cherry Hill Beauty Supply last summer. They pulled them out of my bag and looked at me like I was going to hold the plane load of people captive with my eyebrow shaping scissors which are a total 3 inches in length. Security scolded me saying that I should have put them in my regular suitcase and now it was too late. Sadly, I watched them throw my scissors in the same pile as the handguns, the automatic weapons and machete knives. I begged “Pleeeeese let me have my scissors back”. But they didn’t care. They didn’t care about my eyebrows. They didn’t care about the $15 I would have to pay Cherry Hill Beauty Supply for another pair! Well, everyone on my plane, including me, made it back safely to Philadelphia. No one had a gun and no one had eyebrow-trimming scissors on board. We were all definitely safe.


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