Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bubba My Hero

By now, you know I live in Bloomington, Indiana, where I attend school at IU. You know I wake up to loud construction every day, and am serenaded by fire alarms at least three or four times a day as well. But what I haven’t told you is about my every day repulsive challenges of walking by construction workers near my apartment. Not only have I been whistled at and called to, but I have also been followed home. Thank god my guardian angels, Bubba and Jed (see March 7 blog) are there always watching over me. Ok so Bubba talks to himself, has a long gray beard and kind of waves his hands in front of his face like he’s in his own little world, but he clearly articulates (like a Shakespearean actor) his responses and hellos back to me. For example, on St. Patrick’s Day he called over to me as a response to my “hello” and said, “Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” His booming voice is like the voice of God. The day I was followed home by construction workers, Bubba and Jed were watching. The first thing I thought of coming around the corner was please let Bubba and Jed be in their usually spots on the porch. Thank you God, Bubba and Jed were there. The construction workers saw me wave and acknowledge Bubba and Jed as I turned into my apartment complex. The workers did see the approximate location of where I live but not fully. There was no reason for them to follow me as far as they did. Trust me, these guys aren’t the likes of the good-looking construction worker in the Diet Coke commercial with his shirt off attracting women in office buildings everywhere. These men are low lives…trailer trash! (Darn, why did I start thinking about the guy in that commercial)…Anyway, Bloomington has its jerks, yet it has its “Clark Kent's” too. Although Bubba is hardly faster than a speeding bullet, I know if anyone came too close, Bubba could rip their head off! Thanks, Bubba for being there.


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