Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Here she is...Miss Ideal

Over spring break last week, I sort of met up with an old boyfriend. We went out for drinks and talked for quite awhile. He’s the one I mentioned a couple blogs ago…ya know, the nice one lacking ambition, who I ended the relationship with because I returned to Indiana. Anyway, he’s been dating the same girl for a year now…A relationship that consists more of fighting than actually getting along. It’s sad to see him so perplexed and unhappy. He was always smiling and very easy to get along with when we dated a couple years ago. Truthfully, I don’t understand continuing with a dating relationship if the person you are with doesn’t make you happy. My parents always say “if things aren’t great when you’re dating, they’ll never be great”. I agree.

Anyway, what’s funny is that after two years, he still thinks I’m “the ideal”. His “dream girl”. The perfect girl from the perfect family…the girl who broke his heart…the girl who waits for true love and yet has “the passion of a bubbling volcano!” Yeah, that’s me…the tiger that got away and went back to college (I know, tigers don’t go to college, but you get the point.). Well, it’s nice to know I’m someone’s ideal. He even told me he used to drive by my house after I went back to school. He had such a difficult time when I left. He remembers everything I ever wore and on what night I wore it. He quoted things I said to him two years ago like he was quoting Bible verses from memory. Of course, I have little memory of anything. I remember he drove out to IU to visit me about a month after I left him, but when he came by then I felt nothing. It was over…just a summer fling for me. After he left Bloomington and drove back to Jersey, we stopped speaking. That is, until I ran in to him over Winter break.

I wish him the best always. I told him to call me if he ever wants to just talk. After our conversation that night I thought if I ever met this girl, I’d have to be restrained from punching her right in the mouth. How could someone hurt him so much? Uh, Ooops!