Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day Revisited

We all know what today is…That dreaded day of the year for lonely hearts who stay home and feel....alone...unloved…rejected…depressed! Thanks Hallmark...thanks a lot! Meanwhile the love-filled romantics are all cuddled up declaring words of passion and exchanging gifts of love. It has been strongly recommended to me by a couple of girlfriends to avoid the gym tonight. Supposedly it’s too depressing to be there. Even my personal trainer is staying home tonight…hibernating under a blanket…alone. Yes, the Lonely Hearts of Hoboken will be darting from the 6 p.m. train in a fast sprint to get home…and hide. You think I’m kidding? No one wants to be seen on the streets alone tonight. It’s humiliating! Oh, we’ll be fine tomorrow, it’s just today! Valentine’s Day. Getting through Valentine’s Day is like watching the TV show, 24. You’re counting down the minutes till it’s OVER and when you successfully get through it, you can feel like Jack Bauer - you have saved the world! You can be proud….damnit! You are victorious! V is for Victory! (I know, I’m reaching for a little positive relief here!)

The truth is, I allow this one day of the year to make me really hate being single…and then poof…it’s gone. In reality, I am too busy for a relationship anyway. I hardly have any time to give to a man. My life basically consists of three things…I work, I work out, and I get ready. Oh, and pay bills. The only other thing I do is walk to and from Starbucks and have one 45 minute trip to the organic store each week. That leaves approximately 3 hours in an entire week free for a man…Minus the 2-1/2 hours of watching his favorite football team…ok, that leaves …30 minutes. So, would 30 free minutes per week allow realistically for a relationship? Yeah I know…(I’ll take it!)