Monday, October 31, 2005

Where in the World is Carmine Giovinazzo?

I’ve been having the most wonderful reoccurring dream lately. I couldn’t make this dream up if I tried. I dream I’m waiting on tables at a little Italian Restaurant in New York City. I’m wearing one of those white cotton Sophia Loren off the shoulder peasant blouses. Of course, my bust line and Sophia’s are quite evenly matched so I’ve got the Sophia Loren cleavage thingy goin on. I’m wearing a solid color mid-length voile skirt. I guess you could say the outfit appropriately belongs in an Italian Restaurant or maybe in a stage production of West Side Story. Anyway, into the restaurant walks Carmine Giovanazzo. He’s wearing an Italian style black suit, white dress shirt, thin black tie, hair in his usual tousled fashion with a cigarette loosely dangling from his mouth. He quickly removes his sunglasses and scans the room with his beautiful blue eyes. I want to die. Yet my glance shows little emotion. The maitre’d shows him over to one of my tables. I’m still as I watch him approach. He walks up to me with that hot deadpan "I’m a New Yorker hard guy" look of his, takes the cigarette out of his mouth, and slightly turns his head to blow the smoke off to the side. His eyes return to mine. He slowly moves closer and closer to me until our chests are practically touching (or it could be, mine has gotten in the way again). Continuing to gaze into each other’s eyes, he puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls it towards him (rather aggressively I might add) and begins kissing me long and passionate until soon my back is on the table and the dishes begin breaking onto the floor. He quickly clears the table of everything but me…and him. We slowly yet awkwardly get up from the table. I look around the restaurant while trying to regain my composure and the 50 or so NY Italian dining patrons are turned around staring at us in bewilderment. I quickly fix my skirt so that I again look presentable. Meanwhile Carmine, still holding my arm, leans in and whispers into my ear, "What do you say to going back to my place later for some dessert?" Dream ends – right there. Whoa! What a dream! I think I’ve been away from the East Coast too long. Yes, Carmine, not only do I want your spumoni, but I want to marry you and have little Italian Carmine babies with you! OK?
Well, after all this, I’m getting another shower and going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ten Things I'm Going To Miss When I Leave IU

I’ll miss our beautiful campus - Summer, Fall Winter, Spring. Each season I love walking from the Sample Gates passing the Union and on to the Business School. I have been fortunate to enjoy this IU nature walk many a day.
I’ll miss many of my favorite professors especially: Apparel Professors Akou, Shaffer, and Paul, my IMP Musical Theatre Sponsor and greatest IU Theatre Professor, Bruce Burgun, and Professor Glenn Gass, aka the man with the greatest passion a person could possibly have for The Beatles.
I’ll miss the crews at Starbucks on E. Third and on Indiana Ave.
I’ll miss Asuka – my favorite sushi place.
I’ll miss my co-workers at Monroe County Bank: Danny, Ann, Suzanne, Nick, Larry, Pam, Robyn and without a doubt my favorite customer and sexiest doctor I have ever known, Dr. Arnold.
I’ll miss the SRSC, and all the nice boy-muscles there.
I’ll miss Martin aka Bubba, my neighbor across the street. Although out of his mind, Bubba watches over our entire apartment complex. I will miss his friendly hellos as well as that pink sticker he has stuck to his forehead. We are all very safe here.
I’ll miss my IU friends. It has been a blast! Since freshman year, we’ve grown and expanded our friendships throughout this gigantic campus. Thank you Facebook for allowing us to keep in touch and be able to remember what each other looks like. Sharing pics has been great. Let’s keep in touch whether it’s through Facebook, Friendster or
I’ll especially miss my Alexis, my Lexy, my Yang. We are the sisters that either of us ever had. I love you! I pray we both wind up in NYC together. That would be fabulous!
Last, but not least, I’ll miss strolling down Kirkwood. Oh sure, I’ll soon be shopping on 5th Avenue or Herald Square in the future, but I’ll never forget the quaint shops on Kirkwood. I’m sure I’ll be wishing someday for just one more Steve and Barry’s IU Sweatshirt.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Wait To Graduate From IU

1. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and get my degree and be done with school FOR-EV-ER! I’m at the point right now where I don’t even want to attend a Lamaze class someday, that is when I'm married and get pregnant. I’ve had enough of school and homework and papers and lectures and backpacks and tests and study groups and group assignments and scheduling difficulties and Oncourse and Onestart, etc. etc. etc.

2. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and have the moving truck come and take me and my stuff away from Bloomington FOR-EV-ER! No, I don’t really have anything against Bloomington…besides its drivers with Indiana license plates, and maybe the fact that I’m in the middle of our beloved U.S. and in the middle of No where! I’ve lived here 4 years and have made it to Indy (besides going to the airport) once. Getting out of Bloomington is kind of like “From Here to Eternity”. I need to get back to the city...any city outside the Midwest.

3. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and establish a new home. Everyone thinks moving is exciting. I am very excited to be a working girl and go to the office, hopefully only 5 days per week, and have the evenings off to do whatever I want! That sounds sooo good. Vacation and a 401K. What could be better than that?...Oh, yeah I can’t forget to add that all inclusive health club membership that comes with the job.

4. I can’t wait to graduate from IU so I can establish myself as an excellent credit risk! Organization and dependability are my forte. My parents tell me I’m receiving credit card offers daily in the mail back home. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are just fighting over me. Gee, it’s nice feeling wanted. Haha.

5. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and meet real men! Like 25 to around 35 year olds, oh heck maybe 37. Single, never been married, Ambitious – with a capital A, no baggage to speak of, well rounded, conservative, men who love to travel, and are serious about getting to know me!

6. I can’t wait to graduate from IU, to put aside Facebook and join Friendster. Friends, it’s a lot better set up and isn’t so “college” oriented. We’ll be out of college so let’s show we’ve grown up, graduated and we’re ready to network. Friendster isn’t about where the next beer and toga party are coming from. It’s a lot more professional and definitely more interesting.

7. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and finally be out of Bloomington. Oh, I guess I already said that. Sorry. I’ll just add: Bloomington, Village of the Damned…like the movie - every girl has long, straight blonde hair. Sometimes it’s a little scary here for a brunette!

8. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and become an IU Alumnus. I am proud of the school and have had amazing professors who have taught me so much. I can honestly say I’ve never met a professor I didn’t like.

9. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and be able to take a September vacation if I want.

10. I can’t wait to graduate from IU and be able to say, “I was an Indiana Hoosier…once!”