Friday, April 29, 2005

Life Should Be More Like A Musical

The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, but something great happened that actually made me extremely happy.

Let me begin by saying, I came to IU as a theatre major and after one year became part of the IMP for Musical Theatre. Realizing the program was a dead end for me, I changed majors last year to Apparel Merchandising with a business minor which I love, especially since THIS program isn’t controlled by one specific person who makes or breaks your IU career!

Anyway, a couple of months ago, Alexis asked me to be part of a scene for her Directing Class. The scene was from Urinetown: The Musical. I saw the musical with the original cast on Broadway a few years ago and absolutely loved it! In Alexis’ directing scene, I played the part of Hope. With me in the scene is one of the most talented actors on IU’s campus. It is a love scene in which we had about 10 minutes of dialogue, sing to each other, and then ended by a couple long kisses. Wow! Was that amazing! The thing I’ve missed and forgotten about acting is how fabulous it feels to actually allow myself to feel love for someone even though in a pretend state and then not have to ever worry about getting hurt. I actually let myself go and forgot about past tragedies. Yes, for the first time in years I didn’t worry about love being painful or someone getting hurt. For 10 exuberant minutes, I didn’t feel uncomfortable about anything. The opportunity to perform with an amazing actor brought out incredible freedom for me. Heck, I probably would have done a freaking nude scene with him if the script called for it. But it didn’t! Just a couple passionate kisses, romantic lyrics, words of love, and a foot pop! This kind of love IS grand!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Little 500

Breaking Away…great movie! I watched it for the 1st time last year back home and thought it was an adorable story and I especially loved seeing the familiar scenes of Indiana University’s great campus and home town Bloomington all through it. In case you don’t know, the movie is about a group of townie boys who are known as the “Cutters” who ride in our country’s biggest cycling race, called Little 500, which happens to take place on our beautiful IU Campus. Little 500 is a huge fund raiser for the IUSF (Indiana University Student Foundation). The race raises money from various corporations who become major sponsors for the event. It’s supposedly a great event for the frats, sororities, alumni and even our dearly beloved Bloomington Cutters to participate in. It’s the wildest week on campus, drinking going on all day and ambulance alarms going on all night!

I myself am not partaking of the festivities this year. I have too much work to do. I have three papers due next week as well as a presentation and an exam. Plus I work off campus Friday and Saturday’s so my time is limited. Yeah, I’m one of those people who do every assignment and have a calendar filled with meetings and appointments like that of a CEO of a major corporation. My partying days are rare events anymore.

It’s hard for me to relate to the Little 500 race. My history of bike riding ended by 5th grade. The enforced helmet law was enough for me and my brother to stop riding bikes. Ugh! I hate those things! There’s nothing attractive about them on females and my brother being ADHD would never be bothered with taking the time to put one on. He was an avid bike rider until the helmet law became enforced. In fact, I don’t remember my brother ever wearing a helmet. Must have been he didn’t want it to wreck his then popular “spiked haircut”. I got a nice bike for Christmas when I was in the 6th grade. I think I rode it in my cul-de-sac once and that was it. By 6th grade, I was growing up and begging my mother to let me wear heels. I wasn’t interested in bike riding the neighborhood wearing that ridiculous helmet on my head. Now a little beret to the side would have looked cute but not that awful hard helmet with the black strap choking my chin. Oh I know, those helmets come in all sorts of fancy stripes and colors now…so what! When was the last time you asked a girl out on a date while she was wearing one of those helmets?....Exactly!

Although I don’t ride a real bike anymore, I do enjoy the Spinning classes at the SRSC which I take twice per week. Spinning class takes you both mentally and physically up hills, mountains, and across the plains of Indiana…all without wearing a helmet! It’s an awesome workout and I never have to worry about cars, getting bit by a dog, or most importantly getting lost!

Good luck to everyone riding this weekend in Little 500. Have a lot of fun and don’t drink and ride…and don’t forget to wear your helmet! Go Cutters!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Addicted to Starbucks

Back home I am a “7 days a weeker” coffee drinker at any one of the 8 Dunkin Donuts Shoppe’s in Cherry Hill. But here in Bloomington, I am a Starbucks girl, every single day. It’s an expensive habit, but when you have an addiction, you know you have to meet it. I usually go to Starbucks near Kirkwood 5 days per week. But on Fridays and Saturdays I’m getting my caffeine high on at the Starbucks by College Mall. The employees all know me. I’m the Venti Americano aka Espresso with water. I’m no French poodle when it comes to coffee. You might look at me and think…"Ahh, she’s a Non-fat Caramel Macchiato for sure." Nope, I want the real thing baby. No whipped cream fluff here. Hardcore caffeine is pumping through this girl’s veins.

Coffee time is generally after wake up, or after my first class…which sounds like I’m sleeping through my first class…whatever. Once in awhile in the late afternoon I meet Alexis for an Americano so we can catch up with each other. Nothing like having a good vent with your Venti!. Haha.

Starbucks is a great 1st date place or an “I’ll meet you but I won’t hook up with you” place. It’s safe, busy, and comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend it as a “break up” place or a place to settle an argument, since Starbucks at times can be as quiet as the Library, but it is definitely my second favorite place on campus (next to the SRSC).

Whenever I leave Starbucks carrying my paper cup in hand, I know I am about to reach my ultimate happy place. My veins will be thriving, my energy level peaks and my eyes roll in the back of my head with the first sip. Who needs a man when you have Starbucks!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bubba My Hero

By now, you know I live in Bloomington, Indiana, where I attend school at IU. You know I wake up to loud construction every day, and am serenaded by fire alarms at least three or four times a day as well. But what I haven’t told you is about my every day repulsive challenges of walking by construction workers near my apartment. Not only have I been whistled at and called to, but I have also been followed home. Thank god my guardian angels, Bubba and Jed (see March 7 blog) are there always watching over me. Ok so Bubba talks to himself, has a long gray beard and kind of waves his hands in front of his face like he’s in his own little world, but he clearly articulates (like a Shakespearean actor) his responses and hellos back to me. For example, on St. Patrick’s Day he called over to me as a response to my “hello” and said, “Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” His booming voice is like the voice of God. The day I was followed home by construction workers, Bubba and Jed were watching. The first thing I thought of coming around the corner was please let Bubba and Jed be in their usually spots on the porch. Thank you God, Bubba and Jed were there. The construction workers saw me wave and acknowledge Bubba and Jed as I turned into my apartment complex. The workers did see the approximate location of where I live but not fully. There was no reason for them to follow me as far as they did. Trust me, these guys aren’t the likes of the good-looking construction worker in the Diet Coke commercial with his shirt off attracting women in office buildings everywhere. These men are low lives…trailer trash! (Darn, why did I start thinking about the guy in that commercial)…Anyway, Bloomington has its jerks, yet it has its “Clark Kent's” too. Although Bubba is hardly faster than a speeding bullet, I know if anyone came too close, Bubba could rip their head off! Thanks, Bubba for being there.